How to get to bare beach of Odessa

The beaches in Odessa are not only splendid but cozy and neat too. One of such beaches is a nude beach. It is situated in the rest zone of Odessa, next to French boulevard, the former aristocratic area of Odessa. The beach for bare bathers is the cleanest one in Odessa as the comers keep it up by themselves.
It is covered with pebbles and rather convenient for sun baths. Odessa nude beach is a perfect place for locals and foreigners who come here constantly and feel comfortable at friendly atmosphere, which allows people of various sexual orientation to have a good time.
Another important advantage of this Odessa beach is really clean water as there is a spring of subterranean fresh waters.
Moreover except of the nature the important thing is the existence of the sea side bar where you can find some soft drinks with reliable prices.
There are some disadvantages though:
#1 there are some boulders in the water and a breakwater is rather close to the shore.
#2 unfortunately, there is no toilet on the spot, but toilet is available at the nearby beach.

Images below should make your search of Odessa nude beach easier.