27.08.08 Yalta Rally 2008
Time of the event: September 12-14, 2008.
Place of the event: city of Yalta, highways near Ay-Petri Mountain and Alushta town.
Conception: Yalta PRIME rally is a European Rally Cup Event. Ukraine's best rally and foreign teams are to challenge themselves on mountain serpentine narrow meandering roads.

One of the most spectacular and demanding events, Yalta Rally made an eagerly-awaited debut on the European Rally Cups and has quickly proved to be popular, with a compact series of well-organized, high-speed asphalt stages through the Crimea mountains and plains around the cities of Yalta and Alushta.

The opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the Parc Ferme take place in the quay of the luxury resort city of Yalta. The event's stages are mostly located in the hilly countryside.
The rally is famous for its narrow asphalt mountain roads.

The high-altitude stages make for spectacular viewing with a mixture of mountain peaks and flat valleys. As the engines struggle to breathe in the thin air and suffer a drop in power of about 20 percents.

Rally drivers must thread the thin line between the towering cliffs on one side and the gut-wrenching drops on the other. This event is run on roads which never seem to stop surprising. It's definitely a rally for the asphalt specialists!

This can provide a real challenge for the drivers as they need to balance the desire to push with the need to avoid the numerous small stones and rocks that litter the roadside. Cornering technique comes into its own on the dramatic, mountainous places of the Crimea.

To succeed in Yalta, you need a sublime combination of commitment, fingertip feel and lightning reactions. Because the ability to drive at speed without wrecking your car on the rocky roads is one of the keys to success here.

About 200 000 inhabitants and guests of Yalta will be able to observe the breathtaking events. Millions of television viewers owing to live broadcast will have the opportunity to watch the rally start and finish. Representatives of the leading mass media of Ukraine Russia, as well as foreign journalists are invited to the competition.

Day 1

15:00 - Introducing press conference.

16:00 - Rally opening ceremony on the quay of Yalta with participation of all teams, VIP guests and media.

20:00 - Concert of Russian and Ukrainian stars.

22:00 - Cocktail for VIP guests. Prime Yalta Rally Luxury Club. Chehov theater.

Day 2

09:00 - 18.00 Laps around Ai-Petri Mountain (8 laps).

19:00 - Press conference on results of the day.

20:00 - Concert of Russian and Ukrainian stars.

22:00 - Japanese Party for VIP guests in Nobu restoraunt.

Day 3

09:00 - Laps on tracks near Alushta (4 laps).

18:00 - Resulting press conference.

19:00 - Closing of the rally, awarding ceremony. Fireworks.

21:00 - Concert of Russian and Ukrainian stars.

23:00 - Cocktail for journalists, VIP guests and sportsmen. Crystal Hall of Yalta Hotel.

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