21.02.08 Underwater excavations near Sevastopol

Underwater Heritage Department of Archaeology Institute of Ukrainian National Academy (further - UHD) plans 14 scientific expeditions to sunk ships near Sevastopol.

Sergey Voronov (UHD Director) said that excavations will be taken not only in Black Sea and Sea of Azov, but in Dnieper and Danube rivers as well.

Among most interesting Voronov mentioned sail-oared Byzantine vessel dated IX-X c. that was found at a depth of 39 meters near Chersonese cape (Sevastopol).

Also UHD plans to certify remainings of settlement at the bottom of Egorlytskiy Gulf (northern part of Black Sea) that was never explored before. Other interesting object for archaeologists is battleship "Empress Catherine II" that was found occasionally at a depth of 133 meters in 36km distance from Sevastopol shore by Voronov expedition while searching German submarine of WWI period.

Besides, archaeologists explore Soviet torpedo-boat "Dzerzhinsky" that was mined and sank in 1942 trying to deliver supplies to Sevastopol surrounded by Nazi troops.
Main affords of summer expeditions will be applied to Balaclava to well known locations of "Agnes Blaike" and Soviet m/v "Lenin".

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