11.04.07 Organ music concerts in Livadia
Organ music concerts take place in Livadia - the building of former power station of Nicolas II summer residence. The organ (over 4600 tubes) was made in 1998 and consider to be the first in ex USSR and the biggest in Ukraine. You can enjoy music every day at 16:00 and at 11:30 and 16:00 on weekends and holidays.
11.04.07 Boat trips from Yalta to Swallow's Nest castle
Boat trips from Yalta promenade to Swallow's Nest castle have started. Such kind of excursions started one month earlier comparing with last year. Currently only one boat with 150 pax capacity is on the route. The duration of trip is 1 hour 30 min. Boat sails off at 11:20, 13:15 and 15:20 - every day.
06.04.07 First cruise ship in 2007 season called Yalta port
Walrus - first cruise ship in 2007 season called Yalta port on Aprpil 5th. Yalta seaport authorities expect 96 calls of cruise ships this year. This number could be increased easily as ship agents forward their requests for pier booking to port all year long. Beside Yalta, cruise ships call Sevastopol, Odessa ports. Also this year presented new destination for cruisers -Kerch.
04.03.07 From Simferopol to Yalta by helicopter.
It plans to recreate 20 helicopter platforms in Crimea including Simeiz, Novy Svet, Alushta. Crimean authorities plan to connect Yalta and Simferopol by helicopter Mi-8, also Yalta - Dnepropetrovsk helicopret flight could be established. Helicopter bases will be created by Kiev plant of civil aviation ARP-410.
06.12.06 Underwater museum of sanked ships and airplanes will be created in Crimea!
The American, who found legendary Titanic plans to help Ukrainians in creation of sanked ships and airplanes museum. This project Robert Ballard together with colleagues sent to Geography society of United States of America. Next summer he plans to visit Crimea for detailed exhibition planning.
Creating Crimean artifacts museum project, Ballard used his experience of 'Titanic' exhibition. Scientist plans to mount videocameras to retranslate pictures from the depth of the Black Sea to the museum building and internet users.
Also visitors will be able to operate underwater robots - analogues of "Herculesus" that was used during "Tatanic" expedition. Location of this unique museun is not defined yet and depends of Ukrainian authorities. Probaly exhibition will take place between Foros and Simeiz.
Ukrainian scientists using American equipment hope to find hospital ship "Armenia" that sanked in November 1941 and consider to be one of the biggest disasters of World War II times. It tool 4 minutes for "Armenia" to sink after German's torpedo-bomber "Heinkel -111" attack. "Armenia" had 5,5 thousands of wounded from Yalta and Sevastopol hospitals(according non offician information there were 7,5 thousands) but only 8 people survived.