05.07.07 65 years ago heroic defence of Sevastopol was accomplished
65 years ago heroic defence of Sevastopol was accomplished.
Prior war, Sevastopol was prepared for resistance to sea and air attacks. Sevastopol garrison counted 23 thousands soldiers, about 150 land and costal guns, 82 war-planes. Sea defence was carried out by coast artillery and warships of Black Sea Fleet.
Construction of Sevastopol field defence system began in June 1941 and was not finished prior enemy attacks. 82 pillboxes with sea guns and 220 machine-gun pillboxes, 33 km of tank ditch, 56 km of barbed wire and 9600 of mines.
The elven Nazi army broke to Crimea and with ship artillery and aviation support made attempt to capture Sevastopol. These attackes were repulsed by Sevastopol garrizon. Starting with the first days of assaults defenders show their firmness and heroism resisting to superior forces of enemy. Important contribution to resistance was given by citizens.
After failed to seize Sevastopol with a rush, Geman Headquarters took three attempts to capture it(Nov-Dec 1941, May-Jun 1942). The most powerful was the third one, Nazi had double superiority in men, triple superiority in artillery and ten times in tanks and war-planes. Starting from May 27 1942 Sevastopol was under permanent air strikes and bombardments and after June 7 1942 the assault began. Sevastopol defenders after fierce resistance had to leave the city. Sevastopol was occupied from July 4 1942 till May 9 1944.
Sevastopol defence lasted 250 days and had important strategic value. During assaults enemy lost 300 thousands of killed and wounded. Over 30 men received Soviet Union Hero rank. A medal "For Sevastopol Defence" was founded in Dec 22 1942. And a Hero-City rank was given to Sevastopol.
11.05.07 Kiev Open 2007 - Badminton Cup on May 12-13
Badminton Cup will be held in Kiev on 12-13 of May. This sport still considered to be something exotic in Ukraine though it's included in Olympic Games for 11 years already.

"Kiev Open 2007" with UAH 10 000 prize, organized by Kiev Badminton Federation within regular Kiev Badminton League championship. This time amateurs will have possibility to play not only with other amateurs but register for contest with professionals. Usually 70 players from 8 - 10 cities of Ukraine take participation in this cup.

See the games on Saturday 09:00 - 20:00 and sunday 11:00 - 18:00. Entrance - free of charge.
Address: "Syrets" arena, 4, Kotovskiy Str.(Dorogozhichi metro station).
22.04.07 Yalta - Sinop (Turkey) line will be launched
After meeting between Yalta authorities and representative of Turkey Ministry of tourism and culture, a contract was prepared, according which Yalta - Sinop line will be launced. Yalta Sea port authorities plan to use katamaran "Krymskaya Strela"(Crimean Arrow). Duration of trip from Yalta to Sinop is approximately 8 hours, due this decided to make a night-time trip. The first departure from Yalta plans on May 21.
19.04.07 Kiev Day - celebration program on May 18 - 27
May 18 - 20:
The V internation festival of young journalist "Press-spring on Dneper hills" will be held at Kiev palace of youth.

May 18 - 27:
Exhibition of finalists' works of international visual art contest "Aidos-2006/07"(from 10:00 till 18:00).

May 21:
The V festival of Kiev children theatres will be held at National Academic Drama Theatre Franko(beginning at 16:00).

May 26:
Open Kiev festival of sky kites at Pirigovo Ethic museum (beginning at 11:00)
Open championship of Ukraine in cycling. Route: Independent sq. - Kreshatik Str. - Tolstoy Str. - Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. - Kreshatik Str. - Europian sq. - Independent sq.(start at 11:00)
"Ukrainian verticals" an international climbing tournament will be opened near Arch of nations' friendship at 15:00.

May 27:
The 15th international athletic running(08:30). Route: Independent sq. - Kreshatik Str. - Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. - Tolstoy Str. and back.
"Kiev roller marathon" from Independent sq. to Bessarabian sq.(09:00)
Street basketball Kiev cup(13:00-17:00) at Kreshatik str., Open Kiev cup of martial arts(15:00-17:00) at Independent sq. and Kreshatik Str.
International kickboxing tournament "City cup of Hero-city Kiev" (17:00-21:00) near Arch of nations' friendship.

And in conclusion of Kiev day celebrations - fireworks and laser show! Starting at 20:00 on Trukhanov island and Naberezhno-Kreshatitskaya Str. Firework teams from Ukraine, Russia, Chezh Republic and Belgium will participate.
17.04.07 Boat trips by Dnepr river available in Kiev
In Kiev - capital of Ukraine, after winter break boat trips on Dneper river started.
Only three boats are on route now. Duration of trip - 1 hour 20 min. Available every day from 10:00 till 02:00.
Besides, trips till Patom bridge, plans to provide other routes. For instance will be possible to sail to Kiev Sea on weekends. Duration of such route is 3 hours 30 min.
Also route river terminal - Osokorki with duration 1 hour 40 min will be available.
For those who prefer longer trips Kiev - Kanev route will be provided(3-days long).

According information from administration of river terminal, full list of services from river terminal will be presented within 10 days. Administration pomissed to provide list of routes, schedule and fees for their services.